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Florida Home Insurance
House Insurance
Home Insurance in Florida

The home insurance coverage you need depends on the type of home you have, the age of the home, location, and other variables. There are certain insurance policy requirements that need to be met for each Florida home.  Fields Insurance has the specialty and skills to personalize the best home insurance policy that caters to your specific needs.

Types of home insurance we offer:

  • Homeowners

  • Renters

  • Condo owners

  • Vacant homes

  • Rental properties

Home Insurance Coverage

Home insurance helps protect against damage to the structure of your home. A standard insurance policy also covers possessions inside and outside of the home, as well as medical costs for someone injured on the premises.

Property Coverage

Property coverage helps insure structural damage as a result of perils like:

  • Storms

  • Fire

  • Wind

Liability Coverage

Liability insurance helps protect you if someone gets injured on your property and then files a claim or attempts to sue you.

Guest Medical Coverage

This type of insurance coverage helps cover costs for medical bills for a guest that gets accidentally injured on your property. 

Personal Property Coverage

Personal property coverage helps protect personal belongings. This type of coverage helps replace and repair furniture, televisions, bikes, and other personal items if they have been stolen or damaged. 

Additional Structure Coverage

Additional coverage may be needed for sheds, detached garages, and other structures on your premises.

Additional Insurance Coverage

Additional insurance coverage options are available for your home. These options include:

  • Personal Injury Liability

  • Flood Insurance

  • Identity Theft

  • and more.

Florida Renters Insurance

Florida renters insurance helps provide necessary protection while renting an apartment, house, condo or townhouse. Landlords and property management companies have insurance for their structures only, not their tenants possessions. Renters insurance coverage helps protect your personal belongings such as clothing, laptop and TV. In addition, if your rental home is damaged by a hurricane or fire, renters insurance will help cover temporary living arrangements while the property is repaired. 

Renters insurance in Florida is affordable and can be personalized to meet your needs. Our insurance specialists can help you customize the best renters insurance policy to give you the essential peace of mind while renting. 

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