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Car Insurance Coverage in Florida

A & B Insurance Company is dedicated to getting you the best affordable auto insurance in Florida. State laws require each driver to meet certain insurance liability requirements. We can help you protect yourself against accidents, weather, bodily injury and more. Our experts will assist you in customizing an insurance policy that protects you and your vehicle while having peace of mind on the road.

Types of Auto Coverage

Personal Injury Protection (PIP)

Liability coverage covers costs for damages to another vehicle or person. Personal Injury Protection (PIP) minimum liability requirement in Florida is $10,000 Personal Injury Protection (PIP) and $10,000 Property Damage Liability (PDL).

Collision Coverage

Collision coverage assists in covering expenses for damage to your vehicle as a result of another driver.

Bodily Injury Liability Coverage

Bodily Injury Liability (BIL) insurance is required for certain drivers. Drivers with previous accidents or violations may be required to carry this type of coverage. This coverage helps pay for serious or permanent injury or death to others when you cause a crash with your automobile.

SR22 Insurance

SR22 insurance is necessary for certain drivers only. This is required if someone has been found driving without insurance or has been convicted of driving under the influence (DUI). 

Full Coverage Insurance

This type of coverage helps cover expenses to damages resulting from weather, animals and vandalism. This is also known as Comprehensive Car Insurance.

There are many more types of insurance liability coverage that may suit your needs. Contact one of our insurance agents to help you customize the best insurance policy that will protect you and your vehicle.

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